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A Style Guide for All the Moms-to-be: What to Wear for Your Maternity Shoot

December 25, 2021

Maternity photoshoots have gained immense popularity and for all the right reasons. Moms-to-be get a chance to show off their beautiful baby bumps while posing at different locations, dressed to impress. It allows them to experience the glamorous side of being pregnant.

For once, they can slip into something that’s not their regular maternity clothes and put their radiant pregnancy glow on display. Moreover, a maternity photoshoot is a precious keepsake that you will cherish forever.

So, deciding what to wear for your shoot shouldn’t be overwhelming. Make your choice keeping in mind your style, personality, and comfort. The key is to pick a dress that won’t grab much attention yet look flattering on your pregnant body.

Minimize the Accessories

In a maternity shoot, your bump is your best accessory. So, it’s best to refrain from incorporating other accessories like hats, heavy jewelry, and bags into your look.

These accessories can divert the audience’s attention from your bump, and the whole point of having a maternity shoot will go to waste. Even if you wear jewelry, make sure the pieces are small or have a special meaning attached to them. For instance, wearing your mom’s earrings or your wedding ring is a nice option.  

This will add a special and personal touch to your photoshoot.

Keep in Mind the Weather/ Season

You should style your outfit considering the weather conditions.

If your maternity shoot is scheduled for the fall, perhaps a light jacket or a beautiful long dress in fall colors will look great. If it’s winter, choose something in solid and bold colors like red or green to give off the winter festivity vibes.

Let Your Natural Beauty Shine Through

Let your glowing skin and shiny hair take center stage. Keep makeup to a minimum and opt for a natural color palette like rosy cheeks and shiny eyes.

Pregnancy is a beautiful natural phenomenon, so it’s best to put your most natural and raw self on display during the photoshoot. Keep styling, makeup, and accessories to the bare minimum. Don’t even wear a dress that can overpower the natural beauty you’re trying to exhibit.

Let your pictures be a message of natural pregnancy beauty to inspire other moms as well.

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