XS Sharon Photography

Mini Creative Portraits

There’s nothing I love more than capturing creative portraits of my clients. Playing with different outfits, lighting, props and backgrounds and creating scenes that bring your true self out and turn your photos into cherished mementos for a lifetime. Each creative portrait session is fully customized: you, the client, are in charge of the process and I will work with you to bring your vision to life.

A creative portrait session can be anything you want it to be. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a few unique portraits of themselves while dressed up or playing a character they wouldn’t be in daily life, but still capturing their true self. It’s also a fantastic solution for special occasions like prom, birthdays, or various celebrations. Do you already have an outfit or an idea for your creative portrait session? Contact me and I’d be thrilled to discuss it so we can set up create your dream portrait!

The creative portrait sessions are done in some of the most stunning Vancouver nature spots all-year-round or in my home studio in Downtown Vancouver.


In Studio

$175 Session Fee
  • Online Zoom Consultation For Planning & Styling
  • Milk Bath Shoot
  • Viewing & Ordering Appointment
  • *Professional hair & makeup is available for an additional charge


$225 Session Fee
  • Greater Vancouver Area Service
  • Online Zoom Consultation For Planning & Styling
  • Viewing & Ordering Appointment
  • *Professional hair & makeup is available for an additional charge


At your viewing & ordering appointment you will get to Create Your Own Collection which puts you in charge of how you want to display your artwork. Professionally-crafted fine art prints, expertly color-corrected and printed on high quality archival paper, canvas, acrylic face mount, acrylic and metal tabletop prints. Choose any combination of physical and digital artwork to best suit your home and share with your friends and family. 

Contact me today for more information!


Where are you located?

My home studio is located at 1075 Barclay St, Vancouver BC. It is easily accessible by both car and public transport. If you are driving, I have free parking underground available for you.

Do You Provide Props or Materials Needed to create my creative shoot?

Although I will try to accommodate for your shoot and see what inventory I have that we can use for our session, generally you would have to prepare your props, outfit(s), materials needed. I also know a few places that offer rentals for clothing, props, and furniture.

What's Included in My Session?

All sessions include a consultation (done through a Zoom call) to discuss goals for your session and artwork, style, and wardrobe etc. Professional hair & makeup is optional, but it would take place at my studio before our session begins. A milk bath shoot is included in the session fee and will be shot near the end of our session. You will be able to shower and change after.


Within 48 hours, I will upload all photos onto an online gallery, and from there you will select the ones you want and edited. After you’ve selected your choices, approximately two weeks later we will have our preview and ordering session where we will view the final digital artworks and go over the best ways to display your custom art using interior design software that will allow you to see your portraits on your very own walls. From here you will be able to create your own collection.

How Long Is The Photo Session?

Depending on the complexity of your vision for your photo session, a mini portrait session can last anywhere between 1 to 1.5 hours.

What Type of Artwork Packages Do You Have?

I have very flexible package building options that will allow you to pick and choose what works best for you. One option will allow you to keep all your memories plus a signature art product and the other will allow you to narrow to only your favourites. To find out full details lets chat!