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Dress Choices For An Outdoor Summer Maternity Shoot

March 1, 2022

Pregnancy is an exciting and joyful journey peppered with moments of nervousness and times where you can’t see your own toes. But it’s all part of the beautiful experience of creating new life inside your body, and you’ll want to capture these moments through some beautiful maternity photos.

This special time of your life can make you feel like you’re at your most beautiful, feminine, and natural self—your skin’s glowing, your hair is lusciously rich and thick, and your body’s full and curvy. Here’s how you can dress to feel your best at your maternity photoshoot:

Choose something that shows off your bump

A maternity session is focused on capturing you and your baby bump’s beauty in its most natural essence, making it important to choose a dress that shows it off. Cameras tend to enhance any excess fabrics, making your bump feel ‘lost’ within baggy clothing. Choose an outfit that can ‘hug’ your bump, such as flowy maxi dresses that are fitted on the bust and flow down to your feet, or bodycon dresses that cling to your figure and show off every beautiful curve on your body.

Don’t limit yourself to dresses

Switching things up will only make your experience more exciting and fun at a maternity photoshoot. You can wear a gorgeous sweater or even a crop top that ends right above your belly to really show it off to the world. Midi or long skirts can also recreate the look of a maxi dress while also providing you with more creative ways to style your outfit with your baby bump.

Bring two outfits

An excellent way to get the best out of your maternity shoot is to bring two different outfits to the venue, like a dressy outfit and a casual outfit. This will give you more options when choosing photos to hang around your home and provide more variety in the kind of poses that you want your pictures taken in.

Tell your photographer beforehand that you’d like to have an outfit change during the session. You’ll thank yourself for bringing an extra outfit if it turns out that one of them wasn’t as flattering as you thought it might be.

Stick to solids

Patterns and florals on your dress can take attention away from what you’re really trying to show off to the camera. Stick with solids to create a more cohesive look without overwhelming the viewer and to keep the focus on your natural beauty and wonderful baby bump.

Go for neutral or pastel shades instead of bright, neon colors or dark shades such as black or navy since it allows your bump to show without being distracting.

Work with a professional maternity photographer in Vancouver!

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