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How To Hide Tan Lines During A Boudoir Shoot

March 5, 2022

Spending time under the sun is great for absorbing some essential vitamin D and getting that bronzed glow, but it might leave you with some unappealing tan lines that can interfere with your upcoming boudoir shoot. But don’t worry! It’s very common to get tan lines on various parts of your body, depending on your lifestyle and the kind of bathing suit you wear to the beach.

Here’s how you can hide your tan lines before or even after your shoot:

Don’t get a sunburn

Getting a sunburn is painful at worst and annoying at best. Either way, it leaves undesired patches of discolored and flaky skin on various parts of your body, and that’s probably not something that you want to show off during your boudoir photo shoot.

Try to stay in the shade and make sure to put on some high SPF sunscreen all over the exposed parts of your body before heading out into the sunlight. Make long sleeves and wide-brimmed hats a more common part of your wardrobe to keep your skin safe from the harsh UV rays.

It’s best to stay out of the sun for 2 weeks or more before your photo shoot, but we understand if it’s not a possibility for everyone. Instead, you can try booking your boudoir session during spring, fall, or winter to avoid any tan lines.

Use self-tanning lotion

If it’s too late to avoid the sun at this point, don’t panic! There are many different options that can soften the look of your tan lines. Try using a buildable tanning lotion that gives a natural glow to help the untanned parts of your body blend in with the rest. Try using it a few weeks beforehand to give it enough time to settle down into a more natural-looking bronzy look.

Switch up the lingerie

One of the easiest ways to cover up any stubborn tan lines is to choose the right clothing. Reconsider your lingerie or clothing choices for the photography session—if you have tan lines on your shoulders from wearing spaghetti straps, you can choose a cute teddy with thick straps to cover it up. Tight-fitting t-shirts and bodysuits are also an excellent choice to hide any harsh lines!

Lighting styling

If all else fails, one of the last things that you can try asking your photographer to switch up their lighting styling to underexpose any sunburnt areas, or guide you to pose in such a way that your tanned areas aren’t as visible. Professionals have plenty of experience with leading their clients through a variety of sensual poses, so your photo session won’t feel limited whatsoever.

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