XS Sharon Photography

Exquisite Maternity Photography and Boudoir Photoshoots For Women In Burnaby.

A premier location in British Columbia, Burnaby is one of the best areas to live in the region. It has a steady influx of people moving in, especially as visitors get a taste of all that Burnaby has to offer. The city provides all the amenities one could want and for that reason, families settle in the region to enjoy some of the most unique experiences in Canada.

One particular factor that Burnaby does lack is a host of talented photographers that not only have the creativity but the skill to work with people. Anyone can snap and take a photo, but it takes real talent to create a scene that tells a story. Maternity photography in particular is difficult, as it requires a sense of location and art direction to portray the grace of femininity, strength, and beauty in one portrait.

A talented photographer knows when to take the pregnancy photoshoot outdoors to create a fitting theme. Blending in the natural environment along with a set of props can lead to some stunning results. When it comes to your special day, it’s essential to have someone that’s experienced in maternity photography be behind the lens.

A similar principle applies to boudoir photography. While you can get away with the lazily pieced together snap or two, but it makes a world of a difference with someone experienced crafting the shots. They’ll sit down and discuss the theme, vibe, and environment you’re going for. For unskilled talent, the use of props and décor to create a setting may seem unnecessary, but a visionary knows that it helps piece a narrative that’s not just portraying a raw image, but a story of its own.

A unique photography experience isn’t limited to taking memorable photographs that dictate a story without words, but a form of expression that crafts a personality. It helps paint an image that’s beyond just a description but an embodiment of a philosophy. Boudoir and maternal photography both help achieve that feeling, and the sensation you feel comes back each time you experience those photographs. There aren’t any take backs, so make sure you’ve got the right person behind the lens to ensure you get it right each time.

If you’re looking for either a maternity photoshoot or a boudoir photography session, you can work with me at XS Sharon Photography. I take a great deal of joy and pride in working with women of all ages, taking breathtaking photos of them that help bring out their best features on full display. The boudoir photoshoots take place at my studio, which is a comfortable yet powerful medium on its own to help the subject express themselves. Women of Burnaby can feel free to reach out to me, express their desires and plans for the shoot and arrange a session with me.