XS Sharon Photography

Boudoir Photoshoot and Maternity Photography in North Vancouver

While the North Vancouver area isn’t as affluent as its western side, it follows very closely in second place. The hiking, skiing, and trailing opportunities alone in North Vancouver are to take a visit for, but there’s so much more to it than heaps of snow. It’s considered one of the best places for families to settle, having all the options you could ask for.

The same can’t be said if you’re looking for boudoir photography or maternity photoshoot experts. Not anyone can just pick up a DSLR, snap away some photos, and expect to have a masterpiece with some editing. Both these forms of photography are pure art, which requires a great deal of creativity. The difference between a good photo and a picture that deserves to be framed on a wall is about how they’re thought out. There are no accidents, it’s all properly curated and planned. The best photographers work with a grand vision for all of their sessions in mind, which they discuss and plan out in conjunction with their clients.

The most important element is to create a comfortable environment so that your client is at ease, especially when they’re pregnant. The best photographers create a calm, relaxing set up while providing a functional stage to photograph the subject. The client will need some back and forth to understand various poses and get things just right, requiring patience. Many maternity photoshoots take place outside to go with a theme, which can be a challenge in itself. But when all is executed right, the results speak for themselves.

When you’re shooting outside, it can get a bit rough to pose if you’re pregnant. It’s my job as a photographer to help you be natural and look your best for the photos. The same goes for boudoir, which is more complicated as the art form requires precision and grace. The photographer has to work hard to lay props and settings out in the area, giving it a look and feel. You’re not just taking a photo in a situation, but you’re creating a complete narrative with the environment. It tells a story in a captivating way without the need for diction.

At XS Sharon Photography, my goal has been to help women connect with their inner grace, strength, and beauty, bringing it out in a controlled environment where they can feel their best. I believe the female body is a work of art and it should be depicted with precision, attention, and detail. The result should be photos you can look back on and feel a sense of joy, peace, and comfort. At my studio, we carry out the boudoir photography sessions, complete with a set of studio backdrops that offers us virtually unlimited creativity for the experience. If you’re in North Vancouver, you can book an appointment with me at my studio for a wonderful session.