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Maternity Guide


Being pregnant is the most amazing experience!

There is nothing like feeling the flutter of your baby’s kicking feet or listening to the beat of their tiny heart. It’s amazing how you can love them so much before they’re even born.

Maternity sessions are the perfect way to celebrate this new and exciting time in your life. The best time for a photo session is between 30-34 weeks.

I am so grateful for your consideration in me as your photographer for this very important time in your life. My ultimate goal is to provide a truly unique and luxury experience for you. It’s more than just capturing the beautiful bump on your body, I am devoted to creating true works of art for you and your family - artwork you will no doubt treasure for the rest of your life. Time and energy put in to make your session unique to you is something I pride myself on. This guide will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. I look forward to working with you.

Let's create more than just a photo, let's create wall-worthy portraitures

Inspired by fashion, fine art and colours my style of photography is a combination of editorial, fine art and contemporary magazine-styled portraitures. I aim to create timeless, classic, yet modern and stylish portraits that my clients will love forever.


Before the session

Once you’ve booked your session date, we’ll book a time for you to come into the studio for you Fitting Session.  This is where you’ll be able to try on all the outfits from my Client Closet that piques your interest. I’ll be there to take photos on your phone so you can go home and decide exactly which outfits you’d like to wear for your session.

You’ll receive an in-depth questionnaire allowing me to better understand you and customize your session, design and plan it from the ground up so it’s specifically tailored to your vision and style. This is where you’ll. let me know which outfits you want to wear during your session. Also, if you have found great inspiration or have specific ideas, now is the time to lay it all out. 

Next, we’ll book you in for your pre-session consultation either in-person at my studio or through a Zoom meeting, where we’ll go over the details you filled out in your questionnaire and really map out your session day piece by piece.

We will discuss everything from backdrops, colour schematics, lighting to clothing and everything in between.  Lastly, I will answer any questions you may have and set a time for your session day.

During the session

On the day of your session, you’ll arrive at my studio where your favourite refreshments will be available to keep you hydrated throughout your session and we’ll have a brief tour of the studio, looking over the beautiful products that are offered in your collections where you can see them, touch them, smell them and hold them before moving onto hair and makeup. Hair and makeup takes around 1.5 hrs.

I will guide you with beautiful poses and expressions and help you feel as natural and comfortable throughout your shoot while playing your favourite artists and songs in the background.

Remember, this day is all about you and should not be rushed. I want to make sure everything goes seamlessly. Depending on the photo collection you chose, expect to be at my studio for at least 3-6 hours including time for hair and makeup. I do recommend bringing snacks or a small meal with you on the day of your session.

After the session

At the end of the session, while I am cleaning up the studio, you’ll go over all the photos we took and heart your favourite images. You don’t need to make your final selections, but just heart the ‘good ones’.

We’ll then book a Viewing & Ordering session in 2-3 days over a zoom call and go through and view the selections you’ve made, take out the ones that look alike and make your final selections for your collection as well as add on any additional prints should you want.

I specialize in the most high-end and detailed retouching that preserves the texture of your skin but etches away those pesky imperfections and bumps here and there. I will edit your images into beautiful timeless works of art.

the reveal session

Your retouched images and prints will be ready in 3-4 weeks for you to view and collect at our Reveal session. You will see your final images for the first time, touch and hold your prints and walk away with artwork you’ll love for the rest of your life!

During this time, should you want to purchase some luxury wall art, I can assist you on how you’d like to build your collection and display them in your home such as in your bedroom, office, bathroom, or closet.

Word of mouth travels fast

Shortly after you have collected your retouched images and prints, I’ll be sending you an email asking for feedback on your maternity portrait session experience with me. Word of mouth travels fast and I would be so grateful to share the love through testimonials from my lovely clients. Your feedback will ultimately help me grow and evolve my small photography business so I can provide better and better products and service for you and other clients in the future.