xs sharon photography


As a photographer, my goal is to create exquisite portraits that serve as cherished mementos. Whether it’s a tasteful boudoir shoot, a maternity portrait that captures your growing family, or a creative shoot, I work with you to design a custom session that brings the smile to your face and captures your energy, joy and personality.

I pride myself on curating tailored portrait sessions for all of my clients and guiding them throughout the experience to ensure they leave not only with professionally crafted photos, but have a blast of a time while taking them. My goal is to offer you a fun, relaxing and fulfilling photography session that brings your vision to life. 

Before each session, I’ll set up an online zoom call to discuss your vision and go over the online questionnaire I’ll have you submit before our consultation to ensure your portrait session is hassle-free and seamless from start to finish.

Capture your maternity journey with special maternity portraits. I will guide you through the process to help select the most flattering poses and emphasise the beauty of these precious fleeting moments… and your growing belly!

Boudoir photography emphasises the beauty of the human shape. Let’s celebrate your gorgeous body with tasteful, mysterious and sensual boudoir shots!

Are you looking for a mini portrait session for a special event such as prom or birthday, or would you like a creative portrait of yourself that showcases your true personality? Schedule a special mini creative portrait session today!