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Sophisticated Couple Maternity Shoot Ideas

March 10, 2022

Booking a maternity photography session is extremely exciting for new mothers. Documenting your journey through parenthood and preserving these beautiful times before your sweet baby arrives into this world is a great way of bonding with your partner.

Pregnancy photos are a family affair, whether it’s the first time that you got pregnant or the fourth. Here’s how you can include your partner in your maternity photos in the most sophisticated manner:

Coordinate your outfits

The focus of maternity pictures is your growing belly and glowing beauty. Incorporating your partner means that the focus shifts to both of you, while the picture aims to capture the essence of your love for each other and for the baby that’s soon to arrive.

Neutral outfits are the best choice for maternity shoots since it puts focus on the emotions in the image rather than the clothing. Colors such as white, beige, and pastels are great for producing a soft aura and enhancing the baby bump.

Make sure that both of you have the same level of formality going on in the picture—you don’t want your partner to show up in basketball shorts while you’re looking like royalty in a flowing gown. Coordinate what you’re going to be wearing beforehand but try not to match too intensely—it’s good to maintain a sense of individuality without blending together in the pictures.

Hug the belly

Once you’ve got your outfits down, it’s time to start posing! Have your partner place their head on your beautiful baby bump, or give it a loving hug. It’s a stunning way to show your love for the unborn baby in portraits. Imagine how loved your child will feel when they’ve grown up, and they look back at these pictures of their parents looking so eager for their arrival.


There’s just something so beautiful about a classic silhouette portrait—why not make it even better by making your bump the center of attention? These artistic and elegant shots are usually captured in front of a large window or a white backdrop, making them the perfect neutral choice to hang anywhere in your home!

Get moving

Outdoor portraits have an ethereal vibe that’s great for maternity photoshoots. Head out with your partner and walk hand-in-hand for some adorable, candid moments that will make your heart flutter every time you look back on these pictures. It’s also great for taking off the pressure of putting on the perfect smile or posing just the right way.

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