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Your Ultimate Boudoir Photography Posing Guide

December 12, 2021

When it comes to the quality of your boudoir photoshoot results, posing plays an integral role. It’s one of the most challenging aspects to master. Learning the ins and outs of posing can help you connect with your persona like never before.

Whether you’re a novice or a professional in the field of boudoir photography, knowing how to pose will produce more impactful and powerful images. As there are a variety of poses in the boudoir world, you need to choose the ones that highlight and complement your body and accentuate your curves. After all, the end goal of boudoir photography is to flatter your body – be it any shape or size.

Moreover, some go-to poses work well for a variety of clients. This blog will serve as the ultimate boudoir photography guide.

Pose # 1: From Behind

One of the most popular and requested pose for a boudoir shoot is to click a photo from behind. It’s a flattering and suggestive pose that highlights the model’s rear and curves to perfection.

In this pose, the camera angle and the model’s position play an important role. If the subject is positioned too far or the angle is misaligned, the image may not look satisfactory. Most women opt for this shot as it makes them feel like a real model, and they often request the photographer to accentuate their rear and curves in the image.

Pose # 2: Lying On Her Back

This kind of pose is most flattering to the whole body. However, you need to be careful while executing this pose. The photographer needs to position themselves at the client’s head while shooting down the body.

The subject’s chin must be raised in the camera’s direction. This defines the subject’s face much better and prevents the chin from disappearing into the neck. The pose is one of the most intimate yet poised ones.

It’s easy to do as long as you focus on the critical details like the angle, position, and lighting.

Pose # 3: A Chest Portrait

A boudoir portrait highlighting the chest and face is a firm favorite amongst our clients. Its artistically portrays the client’s most complemented features and makes them feel more confident about their body.

The subject can give the pose a personal touch by using a unique accessory. Although the concept of the shoot is intimate, you can still look elegant and classy if you choose your poses wisely.

Find the Best Boudoir Photographer in Vancouver

Boudoir photography is an experience that’s all about appreciating yourself. Looking back at these photos, you’ll feel empowered like never before.

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